Testimonials - Nuan Cashmere


“My husband bought me the COCO coat, and I absolutely love it!!! It is so soft, lightweight, yet warm! It is a staple in my wardrobe and I just wanted to say I adore all the fine craftsmanship that went into this coat! I received excellent service in regards to all of my questions regarding the coat. I admire the design and style of the coco pieces I own.” – Christina, New York City 2016

“My favorite wraps!!! They have last a very long time without pilling!” – Donna, Michigan 2016

“I have lived in Hong Kong for 20 years, and spend a lot of time travelling and working in Australasia. Whilst HK is fast paced and exciting place to live, I do find Hong Kong to be a very transient environment, fashion-wise: fast, disposable, and often poorly made. I am very conscious to seek out brands that are well designed, ethically produced and of exceptional quality, like Nuan Cashmere.

Versatility is key: I have Nuan wardrobe staples in many colours and wool weights, allowing me to effortlessly adapt from the brisk weather in Melbourne to the hot & humid climate of Hong Kong to the frosty lows of the ski slopes.


I believe that boutique designers, such as Nuan, can work with their clients to make sure that what they buy suits them, and that they are truly happy with their piece. NUAN also has a couture service, which is perfect for bespoke requests.


Living in Asia, I try to buy clothing that is comfortable whether it is in an air-conditioned room to the humid terraces and I prefer natural fibre, be it cotton, linen or cashmere.


Cashmere is perfect for the short Hong Kong winter being light in weight and versatile in any season, and Nuan’s beautiful linens are perfect for the hot summer months.” – Fiona, Hong Kong 2016

“My first Nuan purchase was a black Coco coat. I’d never seen anything like it before and I loved it so much that the following year I bought a purple one. I love my coats as they are timeless classics which have worn beautifully over the years–-they still look new! Every winter I look forward to wearing them. Thank you so much for creating such unique products and also for your excellent customer service.” -Amira, New York, 2017

“Many years ago a ruffian spilled red wine on my son’s NUAN cashmere cardigan. Absolutely horrified, I didn’t wait for her apology but rushed off to contact NUAN. Caoimhe had no idea who I was but nevertheless calmed me considerably as she told me in her most soothing voice exactly which product to buy and where to find it. My son’s cardigan was saved and although he has long outgrown it, the cardigan looks the same as the day I bought it.” -Helena, Hong Kong 2017

“Over the years I have purchased many lovely sweaters from nuan cashmere: cardigans, sweater-coats as well as a gorgeous, long, luxurious bathrobe. Quality cashmere, beautiful designs, fabulous color choices and excellent personalized service. A friend of mine originally introduced me to nuan cashmere and now I recommend it to all my cashmere loving friends!’ -Tamara, Tokyo 2017

“I have received the dress and it is absolutely gorgeous! It fits like a dream and the cashmere is so fine and soft. I look forward to wearing in during the colder days ahead.” -Linda, Hong Kong, 2017

“The jacket has arrived and I’m in love!!” -H.H, Hong Kong 2018

“I am just in love with the Coco collection! I just can’t resist getting the jackets and the coats in different colours as hey can pull tother a look so well! Somehow the style can speak “care-free” and “elegance” at the same time!” -T.H., Hong Kong 2018

“I now have two pieces of the mens collections and the quality is impeccable. So smooth and comfortable to wear almost all year round. Can’t wait to stock up more pieces in my wardrobe.” –Josuè, Sydney 2018

“I’ve been wearing Nuan for a few years now but especially love the cashmere sweaters! The quality definitely comes through in the product from the functionality to its versatility.” –Mayowa, Brisbane 2018

“The products are of excellent quality, just got my second Coco Jacket, so easy to wear with jeans or dresses. The infinity scarf is also great not just as a scarf but also to cover my head when it gets really windy! They just won’t go out of fashion.” -Joe, Hong Kong 2018


I love Nuan Cashmere products and I’m not even a cashmere lover. I have a piece that’s ten years old and it still looks brand new. – Helena, Hong Kong 2018

I am just in love with the Coco collection! I just can’t resist getting the jackets and the coats in different colours as hey can pull tother a look so well! Somehow the style can speak “care-free” and “elegance” at the same time!” – Tinny, Hong Kong 2018

“My favourite Nuan pieces are all from the Coco Collection. It’s so rare to find knitwear that bridges both casual and formal styling, yet I can wear all of my Coco pieces with a pair of jeans, a LBD, or work pants. I bought the Coco Jacket in several colours and always get compliments wherever I go! The classic tailoring makes the pieces a great buy and they keep their shape well." – Ondine, London 2018

“I own cushions as well as several other pieces of knitwear. The cushions are a lovely luxe and comfortable accent on my sofa, which was looking bare before. My go-to daily pieces of Nuan knitwear are the ponchos and infinity scarves, but I also love my various Coco pieces from the signature line as they are good for work as well as more casually.” – Fiona, Hong Kong 2018