Who We Are - Nuan Cashmere

Who We Are

We have built our reputation with a dedication to classic, elegant, and modern styles created from cashmere of the highest quality. After working on Wall St in the 1990s, former investment banker Caoimhe Ryan moved to Hong Kong with her family and subsequently became involved with the causes her late father had devoted his life to. Then in late 2005, a chance meeting in Shanghai with an expert tailor offered Caoimhe an opportunity to contribute to these causes.

This tailor introduced Caoimhe to the softest, most luxurious cashmere with which she started to design her own cashmere knitwear line. As the collection grew, she began to host regular pop-up events in local country clubs in support of local charities, and has since grown Nuan into what we are today.

Caoimhe’s attention to detail is now the cornerstone of the brand – a result of humble beginnings designing custom knitwear for friends and family. Over time, this has resulted in a loyal following of her collections.

Our brand encompasses a recognisable, yet a uniquely personal sense of style and quality that sets our designs apart from other labels. Our overriding commitment is to provide timeless, tailored style, quality and comfort with a total dedication to excellence. A signature element of our brand is the expertise to offer tailor-made cashmere clothing for the discerning client.

NUAN means ‘warm’ in Mandarin Chinese, and the four-leaf clover in our logo embraces Caoimhe’s Irish cultural heritage and symbolises faith, hope, love, and luck.

Our Mission

At the core of Caoimhe’s mission is to provide much-loved investment apparel to a discerning clientele who believes “less is more”. We are dedicated to classic, elegant and modern cashmere of the highest standards and with a notable touch of design difference.

We pride ourselves on offering unique, 100% cashmere styles using the purest yarns and quality craftsmanship to express the timeless beauty of this wonderful coveted yarn.

The NUAN customer is contemporary and classy, independent and stylish. They love to travel and are true global citizens.

Designer Caoimhe Ryan

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and the eldest of eleven children, Irish designer Caoimhe Ryan is a former investment banker who worked in the Latin American stock market while based in New York and London.

In an industry dominated by those with experience in design schools, or with internships in major fashion houses, Caoimhe’s investment background is definitely unconventional. However, without the constraints and rules of formal training, she has always been free to approach the possibilities in all of her designs with a fresh and completely unique style.

Both a painter and a sculptor, Caoimhe’s passion for art and her eye for design come from a strong artistic gene that seems to run in the family. She has always loved luxury knitwear and the long, cold, and damp Irish winters of her childhood reinforced that love.

On a trip to northern China in 2005, she discovered the softest most luxurious cashmere she had ever seen or touched. The following year, she designed an elegant cashmere robe and began her career with NUAN.

Caoimhe’s attention to detail is integral to her brand. It encompasses a recognisable, yet uniquely personal, sense of modern timelessness that sets her designs apart from other labels. This has, unsurprisingly, resulted in a loyal following for her collections, particularly the COCO collection with its tailored lines and fringe detail.