Story of NUAN INDIGO - Nuan Cashmere


Hilary is passionate about textiles and aims to create pieces which are sustainable, beautiful, and unique. Having travelled extensively, her work is influenced by dyeing processes around the world, particularly by antique Japanese and Indian textiles. Hilary has taken classes at the Textile Arts Centre in Brooklyn, N.Y and has worked in various genres of pottery, jewellery design and photography.

Both Caoimhe, the NUAN designer, and Hilary have their artistic leanings in common. Neither have been constrained by conventional training and they each have a joint respect for classic, timeless and unique clothes. Having met at addo in Sag Habor N.Y, they each felt that a collaborative collection would lead to something truly special to offer. Each design in this collection is unique. The colors vary depending on factors such as the age of the plant used in dyeing, the time the piece spent in the dye bath, and the amount of time the flowers and vegetables are in contact with the fabric. NUAN’s range of designs which are made from the finest of yarns sourced from Mongolia is through this collection offering one-of-a-kind pieces.