Sporty Chic - Nuan Cashmere

August 16, 2018 2 min read

Sporty Chic

For Busy Days and Active Lifestyles

The boom of designer athleisure wear has brought about everyone wearing their gym clothes as everyday clothes. Be it a school drop off, run to the grocery store or just dropping by the post office, you can guarantee you will see at least one person wearing an outfit that makes you think they're headed to the gym

I personally love wearing my active-wear or leisure-wear around. It's comfortable, easy to mix and match, and actually motivates me to do some exercise throughout the day.

When buying athleisure wear, people now often think to themselves, 'how can I wear this at the gym and to brunch with a friend?' It feels like all that time we spent building up a wardrobe of different outfits for different occasions has been made redundant by this one outfit that fits all.

The key to wearing leisure and active-wear is styling. Dress it up with accessories, add a light scarf or shawl, or pair it with a leather ankle boot.

The difference between gym gear and a well put-together athleisure outfit can also be layering. Don't be afraid to layer a hoodie under a structured or textured coat or blazer.

The Nuan Cashmere jogger set is one of my personal go-tos. We designed it for busy days and trips to the gym in winter. You can easily throw these over your gym gear if you're in a rush and the weather is cool. Alternatively you can dress it up with a matching fringed shawl and some ankle boots.

No matter what, you can almost always style leisure wear to suit any occasion.