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June 20, 2018 1 min read

Luxe Living

Create a Space You Can't Wait to Come Home to

One doesn’t fully appreciate the beauty of luxury homeware until you take the time to invest in them for your own home. The idea of spending money on expensive homeware may seem extravagant, however that is until you experience your home decorated with beautiful investment pieces that bring a sense of luxury and comfort.

NUAN Home offers cashmere throws, blankets and cushion covers that incorporate both comfort and style into your home. The ‘spend once, use forever’ trademark does not just apply to clothes, but homeware too. Can you imagine anything better than coming home to a beautiful cashmere throw over your sofa to cozy up in while watching a film? Or waking up on a Sunday morning with your cashmere dressing gown and drinking your morning coffee to read the paper? Some parents have been spotted doing a quick early morning school run in the luxury NUAN robe that is elegant as a knitted coat!

A few simple investment cashmere pieces spell elegance and bring an extra level of sophistication to your home, without needing to be changed or disregarded a short time later.

Bring comfort and elegance into your home. You won’t regret it! NUAN’s range of simple and sophisticated products also makes great gifts for friends and family! You can also custom order styles and colors to match your décor. Explore more…

Image Credit: Beige Renegade, @beigerenegade