Mount Tamborine’s Cashmere Getaway - Nuan Cashmere

May 31, 2016 1 min read

Gallant Army: "It’s been a crazy few weeks for each one of us. With summer ended and Autumn settling in, the days are shorter. Meaning we’re having to make the most of our time. Taking this thought literally; we found ourselves on an early morning drive out to the vineyards of Mount Tamborine, a region well-known for its scenic views extending out across the Gold Coast hinterlands to Brisbane.

The mountain and the greater Scenic Rim area is popular with local and international tourists that find themselves making the drive up or down especially on long weekends. Mt Tamborine; come for the view, have a the brew (Drink Responsibly). Note: there was no drinking this day. Sadly there’s some unwritten rule about vineyards not opening up until well after 10AM, coupled with the after thought of Mother’s Day coinciding.* The weather, just below a chilly 20*C. As we caught the first sun rays of light the early winter fog began to disappear"...

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