Nuan Cashmere

May 16, 2016 1 min read

Jess Dempsey: "Sometimes, I get a little passionate over something and most of the time, it is fashion. It did all start with my Chanel obsession (as you well know) and is the reason I am sitting here writing this blog post for you  right now. My good friends will tell you that when I am passionate about something, I tend to get a little obsessed with it and rave on and on about it until I am completely satisfied that they have jumped on my band wagon. Usually a good passionate moment is over new things, new styles or trends and brands.Here is my latest…  NUAN  Cashmere. You might have seen me wear my Coco coat by  NUAN  last year ( here) and occasionally on my instagram and after a few emails and DM’s on Instagram from you guys, that had a common theme, titled “What should I be investing in my wardrobe this winter?” I thought, this is a great opportunity for me to introduce you to a fabulous winter (slash transeasonal) investment I am absolutely passionate about, cashmere."

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