Mademoiselle Chanel Style - Nuan Cashmere

January 22, 2016 1 min read

Jess Dempsey: "I love everything Coco, the reason for my blog’s existence is because of Mademoiselle Chanel or in other words, Karl and his vision of her. I do have a mighty fine little Chanel collation going on with my  tweed jackets, jewellery, bags and shoes, but it does not mean I wear it top to toe. As you know, I like to invest into some key designer pieces but fill in the rest of my look with affordable fashion.Let’s talk about wardrobe investments. A wardrobe investment is a good quality (and usually expensive) item you will purchase that will live in your wardrobe the longest such as a really good blazer, a great quality white shirt, a little black dress, your designer bag, great leather ankle boots, high boots and black pointy pumps..."

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