Little Black Skirt Suit - Nuan Cashmere

June 22, 2016 1 min read

Jess Dempsey: "Hey guys, it is another week, another winter week here in Melbourne and it is freaking cold! Today it rained all day long and trying to get two kids to kinder in the rain is not pleasant I can tell you that!

In other news, how cayyyute is this house we shot at? My reinvention of wearing luxurious NUANCashmere as a little black suit absolutely popped in this location. I wasn’t even cold because of the 100% cashmere Coco pieces, cute right? I did a little shoot with them last week that will be in the Herald Sun tomorrow, can’t wait to see me and my gorgeous friend Sanchia sporting the knit dress look!

Ok, so because it was so successful last time, here are some Jess Facts you might not know:

  1. I don’t leave the house without a winged liquid eyeliner (I think it makes my big eyes look smaller)
  2. I don’t brush my hair
  3. I prefer pedicures to manicures (I cringe at the sound of the nail file)"

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