Cashmere on the course - Nuan Cashmere

March 26, 2019 1 min read

As a sport, golf is a very fashion-conscious activity. It asks that you both dress to impress while also showing off your golf game. What better way to impress than with a bespoke cashmere sweater?


While polo shirts, tapered trousers and a solid pair of sneakers are the well-known essentials for a day of golf, it's important not to forget about that extra piece that can tie your outfit together.  

The best attire for golfing is all about matching garments by pattern or tone, leaving the Textured Crew the ultimate choice. It’s easy to pair with black chinos and combines style with ease on the golf course. The Baby Cashmere Henley Sweater is a timeless and reliable piece, available in black or grey and suits everyone. Worn with a good pair of khakis, you'll have yourself an outfit worth showing off!

Given oversized clothing does not help with your swing, NUAN’s Tri-Cable sweater is the perfect combination of fitted and breathable. As another alternative, why not try matching your belt to the colour of your sweater? NUAN’s sweaters provide both comfort and a classic elegance, the ideal duo for a day on the green.