Head Turning Luxury from Nuan Cashmere

July 13, 2015 4 min read

Recently launched in Australia, cashmere brand NUAN dares to make a real fashion statement with cashmere instead of opting for the more common script of ‘everyday basics’. NUAN CASHMERE coats and jackets are head turning, not because they are loud or daring but more for their distinctive detailing – intricate weave, chic fringe edging and closely cropped tailoring.

The result is decidedly Chanel-esque as Madame Coco herself would have applauded Nuan Cashmere’s ability to adopt ultra-precise weave techniques combined with many hand sewn elements for an overall ‘couture’ like result and a healthy dose of savoir faire!

It is little wonder the signature COCO long coat and cropped jacket collection is loved the world over with clientele including A-listers, fashion royalty and bona-fide royalty! However for all COCO’s style, it is still remarkably versatile and can either exude street appeal when worn with distressed skinnies or look right at home in the dress circle at the opera.

NUAN Women also extends to a select range of well tailored hoodies, sweaters, ponchos, wraps, beanies and scarves in muted tones – winter white, oatmeal, cream, light denim, purple, charcoal, taupe, pale pink, black and rust to name a few.

Founded by Irish designer Caoimhe Ryan in 2006, who is passionate about pushing the boundaries in wool and textile design, Ryan sources the best cashmere she can find from around the world to create a truly global brand… with a new headquarters in Brisbane of all places!

Explains Ryan, “cashmere is from the underfleece of the small goats as they survive the extreme weather conditions in harsh terrain, it is super fine yet super warm. Therefore it is airy and breathable and can be worn in a variety of climates, both indoor and outdoor. Also, I think there is a general appreciation of cashmere as a precious commodity because many goats only produce approximately 100 grams of net yarn each year after the coarse outer fibres are removed.”

When Ryan married her Royal Australian naval officer husband in Central Park in New York on a chilly wintery day last year, the NUAN Bridal Collection was born. The designer opted for an ivory full length coat and matching infinity scarf for a very contemporary, cool clime look that is now available as part of a complete bridal collection.

For Ryan “cashmere is not unlike jersey in that it clings to the body in all the right places. The result is understated and classic but with body skimming sex appeal – just the right tone for the modern bride.” Items available via NUAN Bridal are either ready to wear or bespoke allowing brides and their parties to choose color and trims to order. The bridal collection includes:

• A maxi dress
• Wedding coat in waffle weave and fringe detailing • An infinity scarf for draping or to double as a veil
• Silk trimmed wrap
• Neck poncho with silk trim

• Brooch wrap
• Winter white shawl

NUAN CASHMERE now also offers an emerging and evolving men’s collection in addition to a selection of homewares which includes an in-demand range of blankets, cushions and throws. For Ryan, “creating homewares is a natural brand extension that I am very excited about. Understated luxury is how many of us want to live at home and how we like to dress. Natural fibres including cashmere and linen make the perfect foundation.”

As a lovely footnote to the  NUAN CASHMERE global story – the NUAN logo gives a nod to the cultural roots of Ryan’s native homeland in Ireland. Derived from the four leaf clover, according to Irish tradition, the leaves bring good luck to their finders as each leaf represents faith, hope, love and luck. With this in mind, Ryan indirectly bestows this sentiment to her customers (and herself) as her cashmere dream continues!

Designer Bio

Irish born and bred designer Caoimhe Ryan is a former investment banker who worked on the stock markets of South America whilst being based in NYC and London.

She is somewhat of an anomaly in an industry dominated by people whose experience is from Fashion college and spending time as an intern as designers in major brands. This latter experience is often seen as a prerequisite for credibility and success.

Caoimhe has always been a staunch fan and admirer of knitwear from a youth spent growing up in the cold damp weather of Ireland. A trip to Northern China in 2005 led to the discovery of a supplier of the softest most luxurious cashmere and baby cashmere. This led to the design in 2006 of the first style made for Nuan, an elegant robe.

Caoimhe’s attention to detail is integral to her brand of cashmere. It encompasses a recognisable, yet a uniquely personal sense of timeless class and style. This is what sets her cashmere designs apart from other cashmere labels and has in turn resulted in a loyal following for her collections.

Beautiful and classic with an edge. Could you see some Nuan Cashemere in your wardrobe? Which are your favourite pieces?

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Author, Penelope Herbert. Retrieved from http://www.dontcallmepenny.com.au/nuan-cashmere/