Future Proof Knitwear Styling Part 2 - Nuan Cashmere

February 04, 2020 2 min read

Fashion & the Environment


COCO Long Vest: USD 558

How to decide on good long term style purchases - continued:

4. Your Lifestyle

Always ask yourself when you will wear it and how often? That’s how you truly work out the return on buying the style; basically its cost per wear.

Sign yourself up to a mailing list of good quality designers to avail of the promotion they will inevitably occasionally offer.

How adaptable is the piece across seasons? By style and by colour eg. navy is often more of a trans-seasonal colour that black as it looks wonderfully fresh when worn with white in spring/summer.

COCO Zip Hoodie: USD 690

Vests/Gilets layer very well in winter and are great for travel or cool mornings and evenings in spring/ summer months worn over lighter clothes. Cropped cardigans work well with summer dresses but equally layer wonderfully in winter months. In Spring and Fall in the cold climates the Coco Coats (Classic and/or Mandarin)are sufficient as outerwear but in the depths of winter can revert to being a nice layering style under a down jacket or coat. On the other hand for those that live where winters are milder they are more than sufficient to see you through the whole winter.

COCO Vest (Gilet): USD 585

5. Be Wary of Sales

Be wary of brands that go on sale too often, only shop them on sale.

Never shop to make yourself feel better especially after the long lunch or when feeling down the “good feeling” can pass afterwards quite quickly!

Tri-Cable Sweater USD 495

6. Care & Keeping those moths at bay!

Hand-washing only is not as scary as it sounds. Most modern machines do have a gentle cycle.

When buying leather make sure it is apparel leather as that can be washed the same way as your other natural fabrics and will not require expensive dry cleaning

The WIB Rule: Wash/Iron/Bag before storing ensures no residue will attract the moths, ironing will kill off any eggs you cannot see and bagging will protect. NUAN styles come in a zip bag and you can tape off the airhole when storing to make sure they are sealed.

COCO Tuxedo Sweater: USD 398