Future Proof Knitwear Styling Part 1 - Nuan Cashmere

January 24, 2020 2 min read

Fashion & the Environment


Textured Crew: USD 425


SLOW FASHION- Whether it is time for a new year’s resolution or just because it is in good social conscience -buy with an eye to wear for years not one season or even worse only once or not at all! Not unheard of!


Keeping on trend is a matter of styling not purchasing. Styling well will help your wardrobe stand the test of time. A new year does bring an “itch” for something new or at least a refreshing of ones look and style.


The current growing slow-fashion movement to buy clothes that stand the test of time and that are made with minimum impact on the environment has solid basis. No one can dispute the devastating impact the fashion and clothing industry has on the environment and whilst we can ease our conscience by a charitable donation a lot of such donations end up in landfill too only detouring its disposal to the third world. In Australia, it is estimated that half a million tonnes of textiles end up in landfill ANNUALLY!


How to decide on good long term style purchases:

1. Type of Fabrics

Natural fabrics such as wool, linen, cotton, hemp, bamboo, silk and of course cashmere are best. They can be hand washed despite what the labels say and are biodegradable. Do check labels when you shop especially where the term blend is used and the natural fabric may only represent a very small percentage. Once there is any dilution of the % of natural fabric in the style its ability to break down is impacted and extended in time. At Nuan Cashmere we only use 100% cashmere or 100% natural fabrics.

Hand Fringed Shawl: USD 498

Cardigan Duster: USD 435

Both in Eco Yarn (request at checkout)

2. Style Selection

Add pieces to your wardrobe that lend themselves to being worn with and compliment what you own already. If it is not something you see yourself wearing often, maybe think again. What else do you own that might suit the occasion?

Does it have strong highlights in the style that look like they are very “in” right now so will be very “out” next year? Buy styles that will stand the test of time. There is a reason that Chanel remains to this day an iconic brand in terms of timeless classic styling to be worn by all age groups.

Look at some styles that are classed as “vintage”they are a good indicator of what stands the test of time. Mix some vintage style pieces into your wardrobe.

Round-Neck Poncho: USD 348

COCO Biker: USD 775

3. Quality

Quality is not merely a cost issue it is also about cut and fit. If you no longer can wear your style because your body shape has changed consider donating a tried and trusted wardrobe favourite to a family member, friend or charity. If it was the best, your “hand me on” will be truly well appreciated and get years of more use. Does it lend itself to a little adjusting by a tailor to continue to wear it yourself?

COCO Coat: USD 1,100