Fashion for Travel - Nuan Cashmere

November 28, 2017 2 min read

Fashion for Travel

How to Stay Chic yet Comfortable on your Next Trip Abroad

Keeping a classy or chic look while travelling isn’t easy, especially when it comes to long haul or international travel. You don’t feel your best, you’re uncomfortable and the main thing your body craves is a warm shower and a bed to yourself. The go-to style for most seems to be a mix of fitted jeans or trousers and a breathable top, incorporating the balance of something form fitting with something a little more casual and comfortable.

Of course, a jacket is a must as well, with footwear tending towards chic sneakers or flat boots.

Finding that balance between chic and comfortable is a challenge, but cashmere allows you to have both. Nuan Cashmere’s cozy shawls allow for a stylish look while still feeling the comfort of your own home wrapped around you, and of course, it allows you to ditch the aeroplane blankets! Another opportune look from the Nuan line is the poncho, giving your casual jeans and boots look that extra pop of style. Its loose fit allows you to move freely and its comfort is incomparable, it really is one of the must-haves for your travel look.

Combining a pair of jeans or trousers with the belted cardigan jacket is a no-brainer, it’s loose and breathable, and such a stunning soft touch to style up your travel look. Nuan now has this embellished with leather by O&M Leather based in Los Angeles, which makes it just that much more elegant.

The Cashmere knit wrap is another ideal piece to put into your carry on for travelling, again being loose, soft and breathable- the best features of cashmere as a material, make it the perfect outer layer for your travel look. Nuan allows you to have your knit wrap custom made to your preference, in both size and colour! You really cannot go wrong with choosing a cashmere piece for travel, especially in these chilly months.