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April 17, 2018 2 min read

Our designer's best tips for

Decluttering Your Closet


If you are like me, you find it very difficult to let go of some of your clothes. I dread the annual ‘spring clean’ of my closet because I always think I will start wearing those jeans, boots or strappy tops again! So often we find ourselves with too many clothes that only make it harder to choose our outfits every day, regardless of the amount of choice.

Decluttering my closet actually feels almost therapeutic to me, as though I have let go of things I have been holding onto for no reason. My tips for decluttering are just a few simple steps...

1. Take a Step Back

First, take everything out and put it on your bed or floor (look at all the space in your closet!).

2. Sort Through Your Clothes

Go through the pile and ask yourself, does it bring you joy? Do you wear it all? Do you actually love it? Your answers should be ‘yes’ or ‘no’, if you have an ‘unsure’ reaction, put it in a separate pile and try them all on later.

3. Go Over the 'Unsure Pile'

As you sort through the 'unsure' clothes you've put aside, try it on again and ask yourself those questions again.

Then, you can try asking yourself the questions again. You need to be brutal when it comes to your underwear, they truly do have a shelf life, and then you can treat yourself to new ones! Going through your‘unsure’ pile, my biggest tip is to ask yourself ‘how does this make me FEEL?’, instead of ‘LOOK’. You shouldn’t hold on to something because you once loved it, instead you should ask yourself how it makes you feel in the here and now.

4. Final Check

Now apply the first three steps to all of your shoes, bags and jewellery. Lastly, go back to your closet after going through it all and check for anything that stands out as ‘odd’ or that doesn’t work that you could still be keeping it out of obligation.

5. Enjoy!

Love your new wardrobe! Stock up on new underwear, and maybe try to buy pieces that won’t date. NUAN offers styles that are timeless and true investment pieces. That way, your decluttering won’t seem like such an ordeal every year!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Revamping Your Wardrobe...