Story of the Coco Design | A Timeless Blend of Luxury and Versatility - Nuan Cashmere

Story of the Coco Design | A Timeless Blend of Luxury and Versatility | The “COCO” NUAN Cashmere

December 03, 2023 2 min read

The “COCO” NUAN Cashmere’s recognisable signature collection. It came to life
through a desire to create a luxe tailored style that would be both timeless and
versatile. The intreccio or basket knit is unique and subtle in its’ elegance. This much
loved knit enhanced by deliberate and flattering accent fringing emphasises the
tailoring of the many Coco Styles. The deliberate intention was to reflect a styling
that is Parisian and chic.
The very first style was the Coco Classic Jacket which remains a bestseller since it
first launched.

At the request of American Coco Jacket Owners, wanting a style to use in the harsh
winters, the next style to be added to the collection was the Coco Coat. Its’ longer
length meant it transitioned well from summer styling to autumn and from winter to
spring to be worn on its own. In the harshest months of winter it is an extra essential
layer of cozy warmth without sacrificing style.

Since then the Coco Collection has added a Coco Vest, Coatigan, leisure hoodie
style and a variety of Coco Accessories to complement any winter wardrobe but
ideal with the Coco Signature pieces. Not wanting any wastage of precious
cashmere yarn the next ideas to evolve was to take essential winter sweater styles
such as turtle and crew necks and to incorporate some Coco signature knit and
fringing into those and the Coco Turtleneck, Coco Tuxedo sweater and Coco
Nautical Luxe crew were born!

The nature of cashmere ensures that COCO pieces can be worn no matter the
weather. Three times warmer than sheeps’ wool, the cashmere fleece contains tiny
crimps which hold in pockets of warm air.
To truly appreciate this collection it is important to understand the yarn and tailoring
involved in the making of each piece. Each cashmere goat only produces
approximately 150 grams of yarn each year. To put this in perspective, 645 grams of
cashmere yarn is used in the making of our COCO Classic Jacket and 860 grams in
the tailoring of the COCO Coat.

The designer endeavoured to make styles that could be worn by anyone of any age
and body type, from day to evening. Many of the COCO styles can be worn with a
distressed jean, a corporate suit, or a little black dress. Not only are the pieces
stylistically versatile, but the fringed panelling of the Coat, Coatigan, Classic and
Biker Jacket flatters all wearers.
The style, simplicity and elegance of the COCO Collection make every piece a
timeless heirloom piece worth investing in. The COCO Collection was designed to
create knitwear that makes one feel confident, elegant and chic. This is what makes
this collection so special; luxury coupled with versatility.