A Day With Antalya Nall-Cain - Nuan Cashmere

March 15, 2015 2 min read

Last week I was extremely lucky to sit down with London's most sort after IT girl and model Antalya Nall-Cain. Looking chic and poised as ever - in a fur coat and her favourite skinny jeans she spoke to me about her favourite trends at the moment and why she loves NUAN Cashmere

Here's my interview with her...

Tell us about yourself
So I was born in London, I'm definitely a creative soul - I love anything to do with fashion, arts, music. I have recently just got back into modelling, I'll be walking in London Fashion Week tonight....I love to see where life takes me

What are your latest ventures, projects, goals?
I get inspired by random things - at the moment my goals are my studies and developing skills in photography. I love writing and reading poetry. And of course modelling!

What do you love about NUAN Cashmere?
I love the quality and feel, its a classic cut and I love the way it fits the body. I have the Coco coat in purple and I love the softness and lightness of it, and the weave is gorgeous!

Whats your favourite designer right now?
Christopher Kane! - I first saw/met him when I was 19 at a show in Edinburgh and have followed his work ever since, I love how much he has grown and has become respected in the fashion world.

What trends have you got your eye on this season?
If I'm honest I haven't! If I like it...I wear it! I love finding things in charity shops like little gems! I also gain a lot of inspiration from the East End of London

Where do you get your style inspiration from?
I always think you should never follow anyone, if you look and feel comfortable then wear it...be yourself.

Below Antayla is seen wearing her favourite NUAN item the Coco Coat in purple!